Money Spell for Starseeds

Hail to the witches from the deep dark places of the universe!! Hello and welcome back my dear modern witches. As you know very well witchcraft is not something that we can learn from one book or one person. It varies from person to person, time to time, and place to place. So Starseed’s belief is pretty widespread and they have no difference from witches. For me, they are just different kinds of witches. So only to honor them today I want to share a very special money spell that ı have learned from a Starseed friend. But no need to worry because you don’t need to be a Starseed to practice this money spell. I think trying a Starseed essence to your witchcraft can be exciting and cool too, no need to mention that it may boost the effects in the end!

So let me just tell you about this special money spell. Money is all about abundance and for star seeds this abundance comes from nature. Indeed we all think the same way but Starseed people have a different money spell opinion about this. According to them, you need to give something to nature in order to receive something which is fair enough for me.

What you need to give to nature is nothing but warm care. So I really think this money spell is more like a beautiful loveful ritual that is also suitable for every witch.

So if it is about giving, everything starts with your hands. Make your hands get ready for the money spell first. All you need to do is wash and care for them a little. Put on some nail polish and wear your most beautiful rings. Then make your hands like you are about to pray and try to feel a connection with the natural powers that you believe in. Everybody has different beliefs so I don’t want to give a special name. Ask the forces to make your hands warm and sacred.

Now as we all witches love to do it is time for drawing some shapes in our bodies! Since this is a star seed money spell you need to draw a Polaris star shape into your palms. You should be careful about this. It has to be a sky star shape with four corners, not a pentagram. But if you feel Wicca signs do better for you of course you can do whatever you want. It wouldn’t be nice to tell a witch how to do a spell! All I do is give some advice and inspiration!

So when you are ready it is time to go for a walk in nature! You can choose a forest that is dear to you and when you do there start touching everything in nature. Touch the leaves, flowers, trees, branches, animals, fallen leaves, animals, earth, water, stones… Just try to see everything and take them into your hands and grab them with great love and care. nature will feel it so deep inside and it will be ready to give you whatever you need in abundance!

Enjoy the money spell…