Money Spell Make-Up!

Money Spell Make-Up!

Hello and welcome my dear almost rich witches! Hope you are all doing fine in your magical lives and hope your spells work perfectly! Today I want to talk about money and money-making… Ordinary people go to work and work like hell to make some money but if you are a witch you can simply enjoy some money spell and get rich in a couple of years with regular money spells!! So this is why today I want to share with you a very girly money spell to enrich your life and wallet!!

First I need to say that there are always two ways to do something. One is the masculine way and the other is the feminine way! As a witch, it is always the feminine way! Because witchcraft itself is feminine since all you do is wait for the result! So I want to show you a makeup money spell that you can apply while you are at home or going out with your girls for a club. It is a very interesting money spell and I am sure you will love it!

Money is something that is related to many different issues in our lives. We can relate it to self-esteem or we can relate it to enjoying life or else… If you can boost these kinds of feelings in your life it can naturally start attracting money in your lives. So the love spell that I am about to share today is all about this simple trick… You will get beautiful and you will go enjoy your life! Interested?

Ok! Let’s start! First of all, you need some makeup stuff with green color! You also need shimmering colors too and if they are gold or green that is much better… Before you apply a make up you need to prepare special face water! Every watch has a moon water stock so it is time to use it! Put some moon water in the jar and add some kiwi fruit to it! make it wait about an hour and before you wash your face with it get close to the water and whisper it some words like ‘The money is running towards me, I am a rich witch’ And sing a melody that comes to your mind to wake the soul of the kiwi and water and then wash your face with it.

Now your face is ready for money spell makeup! before you put on your foundation draw a venus symbol on your face with foundation and don’t forget to say thank you. Now put on your regular makeup and start adding the green details. before applying the green tones you may want to draw a pentacle symbol with your finger over them.

Now you are the face of the money spell… You need to have a party with your friends because joy is a key element when you are practicing this money spell. You need to dance and laugh as much as possible within 24 hours after the make-up. This is the activation process of the money spell.

Enjoy the money spell!