Money Spell Moon Water

Hello everyone! Welcome back dear witches and moon water lovers. I have actually never seen a witch who doesn’t like moon waters. They are so magical and pure. I also believe that water is always a perfect idea for a spell.

If you are an experienced witch probably you know very well the importance of water. In today’s modern world the magic of water is not a secret anymore and it is very easy to reach for information about the specialties of water. I have seen many people using water to realize their wishes even though they are not witches at all! Experienced witches especially sea witches are very well aware of the importance and magical aspects of water and there are countless ways to use the water in spells. All I want to do today is to share with you a money spell that you can practice with water.

I believe the best-using method of water in a spell is first purifying it with the moon! The moon and water have a very special connection and you can see that easily by looking at the tidal waves. So full moon nights are perfect nights to prepare moon water. If you don’t know how to prepare moon water no need to worry because there are countless ways to do that but basically is just leaving a cup of water under the moonlight and taking it back before the first light. The secret is about what do you add to that water and how do you prepare it for the moonlight. These details change a lot in a spell.

Since we are going to practice a money spell we should prepare our moon water according to this goal. But before telling you how to prepare the moon water I want to talk about the money spell and how it works.

There are many different types of money spell that you can practice to have some money. Some of them are working as ‘give and receive method. You simply do something for nature and nature does something for you. I love these kinds of spells because it makes me feel so in contact with nature. Forests and all the plants need water to go in living but just like a child they also need love. So this money spell is all about sharing your love with nature through moon water to receive what you need.

Take a citrin crystal and after you cleanse it in a way you prefer cover it with thyme and mint. Draw a circle with cinnamon and make the stone rest there until the night. Prepare a large bowl of clean water and put the citrin stone inside of it. Write your intention of money on a bay leaf and leave the bay leaf on the surface of the water. Leave in under the full moon and take it in before the sunrise.

Now all you need is to put the water into a batter and cover it to not see the sunlight. In the evening go to a forest or at least a garden and start sprinkling the moon water around saying thank you.

Enjoy the money spell!