Money Spell Mushrooms

Hello and welcome back my dear modern witches. feels like it is now time to get rich and enjoy this world in an economical way! Money is always fun and always what we need in our capitalist lives so even though you are an old-fashioned witch who lives in a dark forest with no human connection it is still a good idea to have a little chest of gold!

So today I want to inform you about the magical aspects of mushrooms when it comes to money-making and then I will show you how you can use them to attract more money for your life.

Many things in nature are a representation of abundance so they all can be used to attract money and wealth into our lives. But each thing in nature represents a different aspect of abundance. Leaves, earth, flowers, fruits, little animals big animals all represent different aspects of money for a witch. So you have to be careful about why do you want money in the first place. Do you need it to travel? or do you need it to enjoy body pleasures? For beauty? or maybe you need it just to buy your basic human needs and survive. All are understandable and can be found in nature. Today I want to focus on mushrooms and what can you get from them regarding money.

So far I have written some articles about mushrooms and how magical they can be for an intelligent witch who can use them correctly. But this is the first time I will show you a money spell that you can practice with them. When you think about mushrooms they are so special because they were on earth even before the plants! Everything started with them and they are still here to help nature in many ways. It would be hard to classify the mushrooms when it comes to money spells because there are hundreds of mushrooms. on the other hand, they are all coming from the same giant family tree so I believe they all are capable to attract every kind of money. Of course, if you study them one by one and solve their secrets that are even better and you can practice much stronger money spells but today I want to give you a money spell that you can practice with any mushroom for any money purpose.

First things first, get some mushrooms but make sure you gather them from the forest so it is time for a witchy walk!! Find some mushrooms and no need to worry if they are intoxicated or nut because you will not eat them… Also, grab some leaves, it can be any kind of leaf, it just needs to be green.

When you come home light up some green candles and write the number of dollars you want on the candles. You can also draw the four-element symbols to make the money spell stronger. Stick the candles on the mushrooms and surround them with the leaves. I am sure it looks beautiful. Now talk to the mushrooms and say what you want from them and don’t forget to thank them!

Enjoy the money spell…