Money Spell Stones

Tick tock tick tock… Some people only think that they can only hear this sound from a clock but it is not true… The same sound can come from the little gentle stones but they just cannot provide the same frequent tick-tocks… But can provide the same calmness in your mind…

Hello and welcome back dear modern witches and if you are ready to become a rich witch stay tuned for a very cool and calming also so decorative money spell ı am sure you will love it…

Before I start teaching you how to practice this money spell there are some conditions that you should be aware of before you start. Money spells are not like love spells. When you practice a money spell you have to be aware of why do you want that money and if possible try to start with how much money do you need for that specific purpose. It can be anything! You may want to start a family or buy a new dress or you want to go for a vacation or maybe you want to buy a new house. There are plenty of necessities in this life that we are in need of the abundance of nature whether for serious necessities or luxury expenses. For nature, it is all the same so there is no need to feel bad about any desire. nature is always so happy to share her abundance with you but still, you need to be clear about what you want. Because please remember that every money spell is a contract with nature and you should obey the rules!

Now let’s talk about the money spell that I want to share with you today. This money spell is all about preparing unique money stones to use every day. Stones are so special and they carry different energies. Buy actually, I am not talking about the gemstones. Gemstones are so cool to use but we need a different kind of stone for today’s money spell.

It’s time to go to the seaside to find some little stones that have curvy edges. Probably you have seen those soft stones near the seaside. They carry the energy of the sea and this can bring so much money to you. Take twelve of them and go back home. Now it is time for stone art!

Try to find twelve different symbols that work for money and abundance. You can use astrological symbols and you can also create sigil magic symbols for this money spell. When they are ready draw them on the stones one by one and leave them out to the moonlight for a night.

When you take them back they will be ready for a daily spell. All you need to do is putting them in a corner of your house where you can see them every day. And each day take them in your hands and shake them and roll them like rolling a dice. The sound of the stones and the energy of the sea will bring you whatever you want.

Enjoy the money spell…