Money Spell to Buy Your First House

Hey witches! It’s time to buy some houses for our future and better witchcraft life! Hello and welcome back dear modern witches. I am so happy that you are with me here in this money spell to make you buy your first house. This is an incredible money spell and one of my favorites and this money spell is also so emotional. I have seen some witches who cried a little while they are practicing this money spell but they all have a new house that is totally belongs to them.

Before I start I need to warn you about something. This money spell is only and only to buy or own a house! We can never know how things will turn out and where the money will come and find you. You may even be given a house nobody knows. But I need to warn you that if you practice this money spell you cannot sell your house in 5 years or if you receive money to buy a house you cannot use that money to buy something else. The results may be horrible. So it is kind of a dangerous spell but if you obey these rules everything will be fine!

Before we start practicing this money spell there are some things about houses you need to understand… If you are an experienced witch you probably know what I will talk about but if you are a baby witch you should know very well that houses are alive! You can never treat them as like they are just a bunch of bricks with doors. They all have a soul and like children, they all need love and care! You cannot simply buy a house and forget about it. If the house is happy you will have wonderful days in it but if the house is not happy your days will be so sad in that house because all the time you will feel the feelings of this house.

The universes also care a lot about their houses and if you can love and take care of a house it will give you a very beautiful house. Because houses need us as much as we need them to live!

So this emotional money spell is all about making an abandoned house happy again! So the first step is about finding an abandoned building… It can be somewhere in the city or in the countryside. No matter how it looks like it will give you a sad feeling if it is unhappy. As a witch, you need to hear her cries!

From a house decorating shop buy a house decoration item. It can be anything. Think of it as a gift and take it to the abandoned house. Try to feel her feelings and put your gift into the house saying I love you and you are still beautiful… Try to catch a connection with her feelings. You can talk to her for a while about anything. Before you leave take something from the house. May be a stone or a piece of wood or maybe an item too.

Hide what you brought from the house in your room and talk to it before going to bed. The house will hear and feel you. And one day when the house is finally happy the universe will give you a house!

You can also see that somebody bought that abandoned house too to make it a home again… And this is really good witchcraft…