Money Spell with Clovers

Clovers, beautiful and pure clovers! Let us use you for our money spell! Hello and welcome back dear witches! Hope you are all doing fine and enjoying your life with witchcraft! But in case you may need some cash today I want to share with you very pretty clover magic!

I don’t know have you ever kept any clover in your hands. They are so soft and lovely. You can feel their soft and humble energy and you can şmmediatly understand that they would be glad to help you with your magic. They are little, soft, and green and look amazing in their huge clover fields. have never met anyone who doesn’t want to roll in the clover fields. They just attract. So today I want to share with you some tips that you can use to include those beautiful clovers into your money spells.

But before we start the money spell I always feel a need to warn all the witches. If you regularly read my articles you know very well that money spells are not as simple as love spells. Money spells work like a contract between you and natural forces. And when you sign a contract you are expected to obey the rules of the contract. Natural forces are ready to share with you everything as long as they know why do you need it. So before you start a money spell please be careful about what do you want and why do you want it. Try to be specific about how you are going to use the money that nature has just gifted you. If you refuse to obey the rules of the contract the results may not be so nice… I suggest you not try the natural forces in the first place!

Now we can go back to our pretty clover-based money spell that I am sure you will enjoy a lot.

First of all, you need a handful of fresh clovers. The clovers should be picked up by you and when you start using them for the money spell make sure they are still alive and it is still possible to sense their energies! If they are dead by the time you start the money spell they cannot help you!

The second thing you need is a green candle, olive oil, and thyme! Take the candle and start carving what do you need on it. By the way, let me tell you that this money spell is just perfect for getting higher salaries from your job. It works best in that field! After you carve the symbols dress the candle with olive oil and dried thyme. Put the clovers around the candle and light it up!

Wait until the candle starts to die out and before the candle goes away take the clovers and put them under your pillow. If it is not comfortable for you you can also hide them inside the cover sheet of your pillow. The key point is feeling their presence while you are sleeping. Keep them up to two days and then you can let them go!

Enjoy the money spell!