Money Spell with Fresh Herbs

Hello and welcome back dear modern witches. Hope you are all doing fine and enjoying your witchy lives. Oh no! You need money because rant and daily expenses are getting high… Hey! There is no need to worry about anything. Do you think the forces of the universe are trying to destroy you? Of course not because you are a witch and it means you have been blessed since the beginning… If this problem is happening in your life probably you are ahead of something bigger. Hard days are normal but there is no need to panic if you are a witch. I have prepared a very green witchy money spell and please consider it as advice from the natural forces because finding this money spell article is literally not a coincidence… Nothing is a coincidence…

So as I always say money spells are the most beautiful spells of all because the universe itself is all about abundance and practicing a money spell is all about asking for being a part of the universe again which is I believe very sacred.

Some people may think that asking for money is something so earthly and not something spiritual. Some beliefs curse money and all the earthly abondances What they are missing is abundance is abundance! And there is no difference between spiritual richness and earthly richnesses… They all are coming from the same source and we should be happy for all of them.

So the universe shows its face with nature and that is why almost all the money spells are related to natural things. the fact is almost all the spells are coming from nature but when it comes to money spells natural factors are even more effective. Witch is also a natural thing. As in the folktales, many witches live in forests and use natural things to practice spells.

All you need to do is bring this amazing abundance of energy to your house so they can attract money for your expenses and it will provide you with a better living…

First things first, you need to go to a nice forest on a beautiful sunny day and don’t forget to inhale the perfect oxygen there. You should gather everything green you can find so I suggest you go there with a basket! try to find different herbs and leaves. Anything green or greenish will help!

When you are back home go to your altar and spend some time grounding all of them one by one. Turn them all into a powder and I am sure while you are doing it you will start feeling amazing because of all the abundance of energy they will oscillate around the room…

When they are ready take them in your hand part by part and make all of them touch your palm and say thank you for being with you and help. Part by part do this and put them in a bottle.

Now leave the bottle without closing it near the open window and let the smell fill the room as the wind comes in.

Enjoy the money spell!