Money Spell with Hair Magic!

Hair magic is real! Hair magic is here! Hello and welcome back my dear modern witches. Hope everything is perfect and you are having an amazing time with all your witchy habits and rituals. But if you are here with me today I can see that you are having some problems with money!

Money issues are so important and money problems are so scary for almost all people. To make money people have to work hard and break their back to have at least a normal luxury life. But thank God we are witches and it is not a big deal for us because we have magic! There are countless money spells for every kind of money needed in the world for witches and I am trying to share them with you one by one on our website!

So far I have shared with you many different money spells and all were so useful and fun. But today ı want to focus on a money spell to attract money to spend only and only for yourself! yes! It can attract money for your beauty, education, health, or simply eat food! No matter what it is it has to be spent only and only for yourself. Not anybody else or not for investing or paying bills… A witch must be aware of the truth that money spells can be so dangerous because every money spell is a deal with the universe! And you ask for money from the universe for a specific reason using your witchy powers through a money spell you have to obey the rules of the deal. If you want to buy a house you have to buy a house with the money or whatever you wanted it for. So this love spell money should only be spent for yourself not anything else!

So When we try to practice a spell about ourselves I believe hair is the perfect tool for the spell. Don’t worry you don’t need to cut your hair but you need to decorate it!

You may need a talented friend or a coven witch for this money spell so get ready!

First, you need together with some fresh flowers, branches, and leaves from nature. Just go to nature and gram some flowers you don’t need to have a lot of them because you will use them to decorate your hair! When they are ready you need to go to the seaside because you will ask for help from the sea! So if you practice this money spell when you are on vacation it is easier…

When you are there lie down on the sands and let all the sand get into your hair! Make it dirty! feel that you are one with it. After this sand wash step let your friend prepare your hair with the flowers and leaves that you have taken from nature. I am sure you will enjoy the process. Try to feel your hair is in connection with the elements of nature.

And final step; get into the sea and soak all your hair into the sea like you are giving a gift to the sea… The sea will get the message and I am sure it will like it…

Enjoy the money spell!!