Money Spell with Street Cats

Hello and welcome back dear modern witches! Hope you are all doing fine and hope you are all in your good witch mood! Every witch has her season of evil and goodness. What are you today! Hope you are in your good or white witch mood because for today’s money spell that I want to share with you you will need some good witch vibes!!

Cats, my dear witch, cats are special and they are mostly here to serve the witches. I don’t know if they have any idea about this but at least for me, it works amazing. I have a cat and many of the modern witches have a cat in their houses. Or at least they are feeding some street cats which is so good. Because cat energy and witchery are combined together. Cats are sometimes used to deliver us some messager by the natural forces so ı value them a lot. But today they will be the leading actors of our money spell but before I start I want to make you feel relieved because no cat will be sacrificed! So don’t worry this is a friendly money spell and I am sure you will feel very satisfied while you are doing this spell in many different aspects!

Feeding street cats is a very good action for many reasons. And actually, this money spell is all about feeding some lucky street cats but in a very different style and for a very different purpose. I love practicing this money spell even though I don’t need money. because I love feeding the street cats and as a witch, I just love turning this into a money spell ritual!

First of all, go to a market and buy some cat food! Cat food s a special food because it absorbs the humidity in the air so fast. And this specialty of the food is just what we need to make it absorb some money spell!!

Start with taking the money in your hands and charge them like charging a crystal! think about how much money you need and why do you need it after all… And finally, imagine how will you feel when you receive the money. Imagine as much as detail what you will do with the money.

Since this is a money spell take a bowl and put all the cat food in it that is charged and mix them with thyme and mint. You don’t have to put a lot but a spoonful of each will be enough. Mix them well and with your finger draw a venus symbol on the cat food. And then leave a bay leaf over the symbol. Don’t forget to write how much do you need on the bay leaf.

Wait until the moon comes up and go out with your bowl. Draw a pentagram symbol on the ground with chalk or anything and leave the cat food equally on every five corners. And put the bay leaf in the middle of the pentagram. Let the cats enjoy the food as they activate the pentagram money spell!

Enjoy the money spell!