Money Spell with The Soul of Venus

Venus is such a special planet, isn’t it… The more you look for it the more you learn more about it! Hello and welcome back dear modern witches. Hope you are all doing fine and enjoying a life full of witchcraft! Today I want to share with you a special money spell that you can practice so easily. This is a special one because the soul of Venus is included this time.

If you are not familiar with astrology that much you may think that Venus is all about love. In a way this is true but Venus also symbolizes lots of things and I believe they all are related to love at some point. Venus symbolizes woman, beauty, love, money, luck, and everything related to the things that make you happy in this life. In a nutshell, we can say Venus symbolizes everything beautiful in this life!

If you are not new to our website probably you have seen the Venus Ritual. If you didn’t read that article I highly recommend you to read and practice it about a week before practicing this money spell of Venus. As I always say witchcraft is all about creating connections and this money spell that I want to share with you today is all based on this communication issue! Yea, we need to make a connection with the soul of Venus to get help from her! I said her because in many beliefs she represents Aphrodite in Greek Mythology, the Goddess of love and beauty…

If you have practiced the Venus Ritual for about a week let me tell you how to practice this money spell. This is such a magical one and I am sure you will love it.

Wait until the night comes out of its shell and when the moon is up there to witness your witchcraft it is the time to write a secret letter to the soul of Venus. But here is a very crucial warning! You should never and ever practice this money magic if Venus is in retrograde. Retrograde means it goes in backward.

Take a nice pen and light a red or pink candle. Don’t forget to carve a venus symbol on the candle. Sart writing about what do you want and why do you need it. Tell all the details about your needs. How much money do you need and for what reason do you want to use it? Explain it in detail and tell whatever comes to your mind. It is ok to keep the letter long so don’t feel sorry about it. The longer the better please remember that!

When the letter is ready it is time to burn it. Please be careful while you are doing it not to burn down the house. You can burn it in a glass and wait until it burns down till its ashes. Pay attention to the flames. If it burns easily this is a good sign.

The soul of Venus will be in your dream that night and tell you what she thinks about your money spell and of course, she will also tell you if she will give it or not.

Enjoy the money spell!