Money Water Spell

Hello everyone. Dear witches, are you ready to become a rich witch? It is time for some magic and makes some money of course… Before I start telling you how to practice this pretty money spell you should know some basics about money spells! Yes, money is good but the abundance of nature comes in many different ways and each one serves in a different manner. So before you start to practice a money spell you must be sure about why do you need money and for what purpose you are planning to use it. Because this information will be defining the fundamentals of the spell. Each spell is actually an agreement with the universe and deciding why do you want the money is defining the rules of this agreement. And if somehow you try to use the money for a different purpose the results won’t be good for you! Are you scared, well maybe you should be!

But if we approach the topic from another aspect money spells are always good for a witch because abundance is the other name of nature and it is always good karma to ask for abundance from nature.

This money spell’s goal is to get you an amount of money that you can spend just to buy a couple of items or services to make yourself feel good. You shouldn’t be paying bills or buying educations or investing or helping somebody else… Simply going on a vacation or going shopping and things related to these plans are included. This is like extra pocket money and no matter how much it comes to you still you need to obey the rule! Even if it is a million dollars!

So let me share with you how you can get this surprise pocket money! First of all, this is a water magic included spell so you should know a little about the magical aspects of water. If you are an experienced witch you probably used water element to realize your dreams and know how to use it and how it works but for baby witches, I want to say a couple of words.

Water gets affected by anything around it and starts attracting what it sees or hears. This is the main mechanic of the money spell that ı am about to share.

First of all, grab a bowl and if it is in green tones that s even better, fill it with clean water! Before you use the water we need to make sure that it is in a good state so you can use any classical music piece to make it clear! Just turn on the music and wait about an hour that will be enough. Put some coins in it and add some bay leaf and cinnamon sticks to the water.

Make sure you are practicing this money spell on a full moon night and leave the bowl out to the moonlight for a night and take it back before the down. Keep the water in a dark and closed place in your room and keep it there until the next full moon night and put it out again… Then the money spell will be completed!

Enjoy the money spell…