Pomegranate Money Spell

Dear pomegranate! Thank you for existing! hello and welcome back dear modern witches. hope you are all fine and enjoying a life that you can express yourself and your magic fully! Today is a beautiful sunny day and it is time to practice some money spells which is my favorite.

Many people and even some witches may think that money spell is something greed and we shouldn’t ask for earthly things from our Gods but such wrong thinking this is… The natural forces are all about abundance and I believe it must be a sin not to ask for some abundance for our lives. If we are not going to ask for abundance what else we should ask, or why are we witches in the first place!

Everything we enjoy in this life comes from abundance and money is just a part of it but means a lot in our capital world. So I cannot see any difference between asking for love and asking for money! So if you have any doubts about money spells please remember these words! Hope it works for you.

So today I want to share with you a pomegranate-based money spell and if you are an experienced witch probably you have tried pomegranate before for a money spell before it is pretty popular when it comes to money spells. I will try to share with you a money spell with a pomegranate that you have never seen or heard before and hope it will work for you perfectly.

Nature has some basic colors which are red, green, and blue. The money spell that I am about to share with you right now is about adding the absent colors into the pomegranate and enjoying it!

So here is what you should do about this… Find some green herbs and find some blue or purple herbs or fruits! All you need is to prepare two cups of water with these colors. First, get your green stuff, they can be anything as long as they are natural, and leave them in the water for almost a night. You shouldn’t cook it to make the process faster. Just wait for a night and then clear the water from the herbs until it is just green water. ı am sure it will look so magical and beautiful.

Now all you need to do is apply the same method for the blue water. Leave the blue fruits and herbs in the water and leave them aside for a night. The next day clear the water and now it is ready!

Now get your pomegranate and carve Jupiter symbols over them. If you have a sigil for money spell you can alsı use it too. Soak the pomegranate in the green water and wait for three hours. And then soak it into the blue water and wait for three hours again. Not it is ready. You can peel it off and start eating. you can make more than one money spell pomegranates to boost the power of the money spell.

Enjoy the money spell…