Prince Charming Love Spell

Hello and welcome back to all the modern witches. Hope you are enjoying the love spells that I keep sharing with you. I have shared a lot but you should know this love spell that I want to share with you today is the prettiest love spell of all time… It is childish, lovely and so enchanted! This love spell takes its power from art and creativity and belief of course. It is so much fun to practice the spell yet so powerful when it comes to the effects. ı have never seen any witch who has never benefited from this love spell. Also what you should remember before you start practicing this love spell is that some love spells may go wrong for any reason and may not find the target sometimes but this love spell has no chance to go wrong.

Maybe because of this reason that it is an easy and fun love spell or maybe because it forces creativity and makes you feel good this is one of my favorite love spell of all time. Once you understand and how it works and start practicing it I am sure you will have the same feeling as me.

Many of us grew up with enchanted love stories of princesses like snow-white or Cinderella… They are so beautiful and it may be the reason that why we all are looking for a Prince Charming in our own unique ways… we can also say that these enchanted stories are the first time we are introduced to love!

So, when we see or listen to them again it directly takes us back to our childhood and this is such a pure feeling. We were so innocent little baby witches then and we were dreaming we were the princesses in the tales.

Exactly that pure feeling is the starting point of a very powerful love spell. All you need is to go back to those days in your head and grab that feeling. Bring it today and rewrite a princess story… Of course, make it a little witchy because you are a witch but you know what I am talking about.

To practice this you need every kind of art journal material. If you don’t know what is an art journal you can google it and learn it. Buy yourself a very pretty notebook that your inner child would adore and start writing the story in it with lots of illustrations and art! Get creative! Use your fingers and stick some flowers, cotton… Anything!

But before you start creating you have to focus on the story! Two things are important. First thing is that you need to find a different story but still has many details from the classical princess stories. The second thing is the words and sentences… Please keep in mind that all the things that you are about to write down in that artbook are a love spell word. So try to find the most magical and enchanted words and sentences.

When it is done read it almost every night before you go to sleep…

Good night! Enjoy the love spell…