Purple Love Spell

Yeap! This is not a red or pink love spell but purple and black! Because this love spell is just for witches! Only a witch can bear a purple love, not anybody else!

Hello and welcome back dear modern witches. Hope you are all doing fine and enjoying the love spells that I keep sharing with you. Today I want to share a very special love spell that is only and only for witches.

This love spell of purple is so special because it is aim is to attract a person that is as special as you. I am not talking about a good person or a perfect man. He or she can be completely mad or anything. But he will be unique and his soul will be in connection with an invisible world. These kinds of people are not for everyone. They are not even welcomed in society too… Only a witch can handle them and again only a witch can be satisfied with them…

I know there are some witches who want to find a partner like this deep inside so here is a spell to call upon people like that into your life!

First of all, you also need to be a talented witch! We will need painting and drawing talents to practice this spell… Also, you may need a little kitchen witchcraft experience to prepare some special colors. Let’s start with the colors!

Blueberries, blue or purple flowers, or anything that you can find in nature as dark blue or purple bring them to your kitchen. Start boiling them because we will need the colors… Try to have as much as color you can. I suggest you not add so much water or else it won’t paint well. Maybe before you start practicing you should try them out on a different paper.

When the purple color is ready now is it time to decorate a special table for the love spell practicing process. Put as much as purple-colored stone the name is not important. All we need is the energy of purple and keep it as natural as possible. You can also put some purple and black candles to boost the energy in the ambiance. When it is ready make sure you are in a place where no one would disturb you and you can work in peace! You may even turn off your phone during practice.

Now it is time to think about what you want to draw. If you want to practice this love spell I am sure you have imagined a love like this before and this article is not a coincidence in your life! So Go back to your dreams and find an item there. An item that symbolizes your dreams and feelings perfectly. For example, it can be a rose or maybe a witch hat. Something simple. Now it is time to draw it. When you are satisfied with your drawing pour the purple cover over it and paint all the paper to natural purple. When it dries use a black marker to make the edges more accurate. I am sure it looks so cool…

Enjoy the love spell…