Rainbow Money Spell

Hello and welcome back to all the rich and modern witches! It is time for some body painting and I have to admit that I adore body painting spells! they are so feminine and yet so powerful in many ways. Also, it is so much fun to use it as a spell especially if it is a money spell! It is time to decorate yourself for money! In a nutshell, it is time for fun!

Colors are pure magic and if you are an experienced witch you must know this very well. They are nothing but frequencies and the language of the universe is indeed the frequencies. Like Tesla, a great science person stated if you want to understand the universe you must think in Waves and frequencies. So far on this web page, I have written many articles about frequencies, and if you need further information about how magical they are you can read them. Today’s article is about using them for a money spell. But as a very short knowledge, I can simply say that colores are frequencies. Some colores are high frequency and some are low frequency.

I also have to say that some people tend to think that higher frequencies are better for attracting whatever you want. This is completely wrong. Every frequency has something to offer just like the colors. Every color carries its own unique energy to offer to the universe. A good witch is the one who knows where to use them.

But in this rainbow money spell, we need all the frequencies of nature! Because what we want is the abundance of the universe so we need each color to come and help us.

Color magic can be used in many ways. You can use them with candles or papers or art on a piece of paper. But I love using them on my body. It doesn’t have to be body paint but you can alsı use color magic with your dresses or jewelry. But for me, the colors work amazing when they touch your body fully. The body is like a door that opens to your sub-conscience so from the colors to the foods that you eat everything is affecting your life on a very deep level. So for this money spell if you can correctly put the colors on your body it can have a huge impact on your life.

You can use symbols too to put a color on your skin or just dye it as you wish it doesn’t matter but you need to find a way to put them on your skin that won’t cause any problem when you walk out of the house and enjoy your body in public. They need to stay on your skin for the whole day. They don’t have to be visible to everyone which is good news. I mean you can draw something with colors and simply wear a T-shirt on it. The key is using as much color as you can. Also, try to paint your belly too because that is an important point when it comes to wealth!

Enjoy the money spell!