Rainy Forest Money Spell

Hello and Welcome back dear witches, are you ready for a witchy journey with your coven! As I always say I love money spells because there are countless methods for countless money needs. You may need money to survive or to go on a holiday or to take your lover out for a dinner. Regardless of the reason of need money is money and there is no difference between one dollar and one million dollars. The best news is the universe is always ready to give you what you need you just need to learn to ask for it!

In other money spells, I kept repeating that there are different money spells for different money needs, and today I want to share with you a money spell that will serve you to enjoy your life in society.

This money spell also has some other effects like feeling more supported in groups and feeling more confident because of this support of the universe.

First of all hope, you have a coven to practice money spells together. You need them because this money spell is based on a coven work. If you don’t have a coven you can do that secretly with your friends too but it can be a little hard because what I am about to tell you is a little crazy to do with friends. Only witches who are willing to practice a money spell will be interested in doing such a crazy thing. But if you can convince your friends too that is ok…

You need to find a nice forest that you can go to easily. Every kind of forest works pretty well but make sure that that forest really makes you feel the love inside. That must be a forest that can give you the feeling of mother nature as deep as possible.

before going to the forest you and your friends prepare some little money spells. This step is very easy because all you need to do is find some bay leaves and write your money wishes on them. It can be as many as you want but after preparing them you also need to prepare a special series of bay leaves too. In this bay leaf collection, you should draw some sigils about your gratitude for nature, or it can be a venus symbol or any lovely note that you want to say to mother nature.

Now wait for a rainy day and go to the forest with your friends. Stay close to each other and take off your shoes! Step on the wet earth with bare feet and start walking in the forest. Do not use any umbrella because rainy days are the only chance that you can dissolve into nature.

Stay close to each other and be careful not to fall. Now take off the money spell leaves and start leaving them one by one in the different corners of the forest. You can put them on branches or under some rocks. Just leave them where you think it is suitable.

While you are doing this sing a song all together aloud to wake the spirits of nature and make them feel good…

Enjoy the money spell…