Red Love Spell

Welcome back my dear modern witches hope you are all doing fine and hope the love spells that I have been sharing with you recently are useful for you to attract whatever you want in this life in a feminine way! All the love spells that I have been sharing with you are a special selection for your book of shadows I mean Grimoires which is a diamond for all the witches!

If you are an experienced witch probably you have tried different versions of color magic and probably you know very well such effective magic that is. But if you are a baby witch fasten your seatbelts because this may be the first color magic that you will practice for the first time in your life.

Colors are the best friends of a witch and they are so effective as you all know. They are non only effective but also so beautiful yet I have never seen any witch who doesn’t enjoy the colors although we are the women of darkness and shadows!

Every color carries its own power in it and even every shade of color has a different aim and power to include in a spell. What I want to share today is to show you how you can use colors in a love spell. Since this is a love spell we need to choose the colors around red and pink. Of course purple and blue are also useful in these love spells but in a nutshell, red is always the one that works for love spells.

If you are an experienced witch you can vary this love spell with other different colors according to your experiences but if you are a beginner or baby witch try to stay stick to the love spell recipe that I am about to share with you!

First of all, I want you to know that this specific love spell is to attract love to your life, not to attract someone specific. Color magic can alsı be used for attracting someone specific into our lives but today’s love spell is not about that.

Simply, go you your wardrobe and grab all the clothes that are red! Even the ones that are close to red works pretty well… Create combinations with them as red as possible for each day of a week. When the combinations are ready find a special space for them in your wardrobe and hang them there.

Take some fresh and red rose petals and keep them in your hand and tell them what do you want. After telling them what you want sing a soft love song to wake the spirits up and put them under the clothes. Make them wait there for about a week and the following week start wearing them.

Each day before wearing them take some enchanted rose petals and draw a pentagram symbol over them and say ‘Let the love come into my way’. Do this for one week and you won’t believe the amazing lovely results of this red love spell.

Enjoy the colors of this love spell…