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Sagittarius – Solar Eclipse Tarot Reading October 25, 2022

Sagittarius Solar Eclipse Tarot Reading October 25, 2022

Happy October!!! This month is one of the most important months of 2022 because the Eclipse season is around the corner! I am here to make a tarot reading for Sagittarius and try to reveal what secrets this Solar Eclipse on October 25 holds for Sagittarius. Let’s dive in!

This Magical Solar Eclipse on October 25 will be happening in your 12th house! Have you ever heard something called patience? If you didn’t it’s totally fine because you are about to enter an era where you will have plenty of time to learn what is patience! But beforehand let me tell you what it is all about. It is nothing but baking a cake. If you want a good cake you have to be willing to give some time to it… The slower you cook the tastier it will be. So it is just a matter of choice. You want a good life or a quick day to waste!

Apart from the other zodiac readings this time I am hearing a different voice and this is the voice of time! The soul of time is also known as Cronos or Kairon and seems like for a while he will be your new instructor about life!

You may be a little confused and that is perfectly normal. Because probably so far you weren’t thinking for the long term but we’re focusing on the short term, save the day save the week tasks which led you to nowhere! But it is changing now. If you wonder if is it a nice or a bad thing I can say that it is both!

From a negative aspect, you will wait a lot! 🙂 But from a positive aspect at the end of this 12th house season, you will receive amazing gifts. And you will also have all the seeds and seed growing instruction book to create that perfect garden you have always dreamed about. So if you ask me this is perfect.

So the soul of time whispers to me to ask you what is it that your deepest desire? Even your wildest dream is a piece of cake for the soul of time as long as you pay for it. And here you can only pay your time. So this amazing period will also give you a chance to declutter your goals! Because finally, you will understand what dreams are really worth spending time and what not. This itself will be bringing amazing clarity in your life and even only this clarity will help you to wake up earlier every day. So, is it a tough period? Yes! But is it worth it? Definitely yes!

This Solar Eclipse on October 25 is nothing but a gift for you. And when you open it you will find a magic wand. Even though you are at your darkest hour this wand will light your way up. Just say Lumos!

I wish you the very best! If you are interested in more tarot readings and witchcraft content you can always visit my Youtube channel!

See you in another Zodiac reading!