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Scorpio – Solar Eclipse Tarot Reading October 25, 2022

Scorpio Solar Eclipse Tarot Reading October 25, 2022

Happy October!!! This month is one of the most important months of 2022 because the Eclipse season is around the corner! I am here to make a tarot reading for Scorpio and try to reveal what secrets this Solar Eclipse on October 25 holds for Scorpio. Let’s dive in!

This Magical Solar Eclipse on October 25 will be happening in your 1st house! So get ready! It’s going to be a bumpy road! Scorpio is all about rebirth and it is mind-blowing that the death card is in reverse and the world card upright together! It is so easy to say that finally dark days are over and an upgraded one will be available in stores!

It’s been a very long and hard path but probably some of you don’t think so because you are so used to the pain. So for this group, I should warn you that the happiness may be brighter than you think so protect your eyes! A new era in everything is starting and you have no idea about this life. You can think of this as a literal rebirth because nothing will be the same again for you. No matter how but eventually the life you are about to enter is amazing and just like a wonderland you will be amazed by everything around you.

For so long I can see the world was so dark for you and maybe you were thinking this is how it is but it wasn’t. For some of you, this may be the end of a mental illness like depression or for some of you, this may be breaking free from something but no matter what it is the results will be a great change for every area of your life so I am so happy for you.

During this period spirit suggest you focus on yourself and try to find out your new identity. Maybe you think that your favorite color is black but look at black again! It’s not the same black anymore! And when you realize that black is not that cool anymore the journey starts because now it is time to understand what is your favorite color. I remember there was a movie called Burlesque and Christina Aguilera and Cher were starring together. The motto of the movie is ‘It takes a legend to creat a star’ so just like that it takes a legend to creat a person! So during this journey, it will be dazzling like a burlesque stage show. I can see all this amusement stuff full of colors around you. No matter if this is physical or mental you are about to enter a stage where you feel like you are lost in paradise.

For most of you, I can say that for the first time in your life you will stop listening to others and start trusting your own instincts in every area of your life, and even though you are not good at something you will insist on listening to the inner voice! So this will be creating a new life and identity for you but before reaching your destination you will be already started to enjoy life! The spirit says Wellcome back life!

I wish you the very best! If you are interested in tarot and witchcraft content you can always visit my youtube channel!

See you in another zodiac reading! have a nice Solar Eclipse!