Skull of Love Spells

Wow, spooky skulls will be in a love spell… Who could say that! Hello and welcome back dear modern witches. Hope you are all doing fine and enjoying the love spells that I keep sharing with you. So far I have mentioned almost every kind of love spells including the dark ones but this one is a little extreme though! It is obviously not for a faint of heart!

Many witches think that bones are only used for hexing or dark magic but it is a very common misunderstanding. For many people, the skull is a representation of death and the underworld but there are some scientific facts about bones that people are missing.

Many witches who are interested in gemstones know very well that quartz is a special crystal that can produce electricity! It has the ability to hold the charge and this is why we love charging them with our intentions. What witches are mostly missing is that bones have the same ability to do so! Yes! They can produce piezoelectricity! And I think they are stronger than quartz when it comes to spells because they were once a part of a living being. So to bring love to life I can’t see any better idea to use bones!

Skulls are stronger because faces are the most important parts of the body since it is the main organ to express feelings. And a skull can do a lot of job about feelings when it comes to practicing love spells.

So hope this information has given you inspiration about your witchcraft life and now let me tell you a simple love spell that you can practice.

First of all, you need a skull, right? Don’t worry about finding it because recently it has been possible to find everything that a witch may need for witchcraft can be found on online stores.

When you have your skull leave it under full moonlight to start the cleansing process. While you are doing it also prepare a rose moon water.
Take them in before the sunrise and keep them in a dark place until the night comes again.

Clean the skull with rose moon water and you can also scrub it with sugar too. Not the skull is ready!

Now all you need to do is to prepare your room for the love spell. Light up some black and red candles and before lighting them up carve some venus symbols on them. Draw the same Venus symbol to the skull too.

Now wash the skull again with the weak smoke of the candle. Let the bones feel the heat. Now, this is the most important part. Imagine the skull is someone you want in your life and start talking to him. Say how much you love him and how much you want him in your life. Say that you are calling for him through the skull bones and inviting him to an endless love relationship.

Now kiss the skull from the mouth and make it a long one. Say thank you from within while you are doing it.

Enjoy the love spell…