Spanish Based Love Spell for Witches

Hello again modern Witches, hope your life is full of magic and adventure. Modern witches like us are in great need of new spells and rituals to explore their talents and limits. So today I want to share with you an amazing love spell that you can attract the man or woman you want in your life. But be careful please because love spells can be pretty dangerous sometimes and it may result in some unexpected and unwanted lovers. So, before you try a love spell on a person that you desire, please make sure that he or she is really the one that you want in your life.

Also, love spells may end up with failure and to succeed in a love spell you may need to try it over and over. This is pretty common among new baby witches but let me warn you that if you can not see any result of the love spell it doesn’t mean that it didn’t work. Maybe the one that you desire is not ready to come to you yet so after trying a love ritual or love spell please wait for at least a month or even 3 months to see if it really works. Please remember this is not a game but real witchcraft!!

So here we go now! It is time for a cool witchy love spell… First of all, I want to mention what you will need for this love spell. If this is a love spell of course there has to be fire. So you may need at least two candles and to make it stronger try to find the red ones. You also need some cinnamon, a rope, and a piece of paper to write down the names and other necessary drawings.

To begin with, find yourself a place that nobody would disturb you. The timing is also important. For me, I love using lunar or solar eclipses or just between two eclipses are also so strong timings. But if eclipsis is not so close you can also use full moons or new moons but try to find one that venus is included. It will help. But of course, you are the witch and maybe you know better timings for a love spell so I think you get my point about love spell timing.

Now you know where and when to do it so here is the recipe for the love spell. First of all, imagine the man that you want to attract to your life. This can be someone you know or an imaginary person can be too.

Write down the paper about him or her. How does he look like, his name, his characteristics, anything you want. On the backside of the paper write down what do you want from him or her. Like you want him to treat you like a princess or give you a lot of money or whatever you desire.

Fold the paper three times and keep repeating the Spanish words ‘El Amor Esta Aqui’ means the love is here. Draw a venus symbol on the top of the paper and put it aside.

Light up the candles and don’t forget to carve venus symbols on them too. Tie them up and attach the paper to the candles. Keep repeating ‘El Amor Esat Aqui’. Wait until the paper starts to burn and when it is burning just imagine your perfect love moment and say ‘El Amor esta a mi lado, El Amor me manda, El Amor me cuida’ The love is with me the love leads me the love protects me. say these words until it is burnt to the ashes…

Hope this will help you to find your true love.