Stone Tower Money Spell

The stone may be cold, the stone may be hard but it loves us, dear witches! Hello and welcome back my dear modern witches and hope you are all enjoying a life full of magic and witchcraft! Today I want to play with some stones! ı am in love with any kind of spells because I love witchery but practicing spells with stones is my favorite. I just love the feeling of stones and I am sure I am not alone with this feeling because I have met many witches who are promising that their stones are actually talking with them… Spooky but yet magically. I love stones and that is the end of the story!

When it comes to money spells some witches may have some doubts about this because they think it may be wrong to ask for earthly things since we are spiritual beings and not so into worldly money or other things that will stay in this world after we leave. But this idea cannot be true so I want to say a couple of words about this issue before I start sharing with you the money spell.

Nature is all about abundance. And when I am saying nature I am not only talking about the trees of the forests. I am talking about all the universe and everything included in it. It has everything that you may need in this life and nature would be so happy to give you as much as you wish for it. Money is something we need in today’s world and it is something that comforts us in many ways. We need it for so many reasons so money is not just one thing. It includes many aspects in it but no matter which aspect of money you want to you natıre is ready to share with you. So let nature take care of you and feel free to wish whatever you want. Especially when you are a witch you are even more worth to this because you were born with a special sensing power. With this power, you can communicate with the universe, and trust me the universe is so happy about this.

So, rocks and stones are magical and there is plenty of money spell that you can practice with them! Stone tower money spell is just one of them.

To begin with, you need to find some stones. They can be gemstones or chrystals it doesn’t matter. You can alsı gather them from forest or seaside too. They all work so well.

Dye the stones gold color and when they dry out just draw a special symbol on them. In alchemy, there is a symbol for gold. It is similar to the sun so draw some gold symbols on them one by one. When they are ready it means we are ready for the money spell!

One by one charge the stones with your intentions like charging a crystal stone. And then put them out of your window putting them over and over like a tower. It will catch all the abundance and take it into your house…

Enjoy the Money Spell…