Sugar Rush Money Spell!

Hello and welcome back my dear witches and hope you are ready to become rich witches! Because today I want to share with you a very pretty also delicious money spell to practice! Entertainment guaranteed!

As you can tell from the title we will work with sugar but more on that later. First I want to talk about some important details before we start to practice a money spell. This is important for almost all the money spells. Before you start to practice a money spell you need to decide very well why do you need money. Because every money spell is an agreement with nature and nature uses its forces just to bring that to you for a specific reason. Think it as you asked for money from someone stating that you need to buy a house and he gave the money to you and you simply gon on a vacation… What do you think would happen… You could never get any money again or he would be asked for the money back!

So the agreement with the universe is the same! If you need money for a reason you have to say that and when you receive the money you need to pay that only for that reason. It is ok to ask for money for basic reasons like buying something pretty or just going to the cinema, the goal is not the issue but you need to be clear about it! If you want an amount of money and have no idea what to do again you should say this clearly. So the key principle is to be clear as much as possible and be obedient to the agreement when you receive the money.

In this money spell, we will use sugar which is my favorite ingredient in a spell! You know sugar can catch the humidity in the air so fast and like the water it can also absorb everything around it. And this will be so helpful for us to realize what we want. So before we start you need a jar to hide the magical sugar. It doesn’t have to be something big but don’t make it too small either. When you find the perfect jar first you need to cleanse it. There are many cleansing methods you do anything works pretty well so I don’t want to give a specific method to cleanse the jar for a money spell.

Now fill the jar with the sugar and close it. Leave it under the moonlight for a night and take it back before the sun comes up. Think it is like creating not moon water but moon sugar which sounds so cool I think.

Now if you are clear about why do you want the money write it on a piece of paper and fold the paper three times. You can alsı draw some symbols on the paper. Burry the paper into the sugar. If you want a house you can alsı burry a key too. Burry some cinnamon sticks and any green herb that you want into the sugar. Keep the jar in a dark place and eat one pinch every day!

Enjoy the money spell!!