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The Real Magical Wand

We are all witches and we love wands. many of us create it themselves and they look so pretty. We all want to have one, not even one, we want many of them as a collection. We decorate them with shining gemstones and all the other pretty things along with personal sigils or famous symbols like pentagrams!

But, at the end of the day, it is just a stick and we are not Harry Potter! Sad but true…

I know many of you believe that it is useful to concentrate on or whatever you think is good for you. I am not here to tell you about what you should believe or do. I am just trying to be scientific and real when it comes to witchcraft.

So today I want to share some of my scientific ideas about magical wands and how to get realistic about your witchcraft as a modern witch!

Let’s first define what a wound is and why a witch needs it. Wands are used to cast spells and help us in any area of witchcraft. I always believed that the best magical wand is our body! It is a wonder of nature, very sensible and so effective!

If you know how to use your body you can feel much more than you think and this guides you so well. Your skin feels more than you think you just need to be aware of all the waves that hit it.

Your eyes are the best spell casters if you know how to look or see, who can deny this. I love working with my eyes and there is still so much to learn about their mystery.

The brain is another story, do I need to explain why? Its limits still couldn’t be defined along with the mystery of how it works. It is so useful for your magick.

Every part of the body tells you something about yourself and can guide you in this life. The body is the best friend of a witch. It is always there to support you…

Like every wound, we need to take great care of it if we want effective magick and I believe there are two ways we can do this.

Healthy habits are the number one way of taking care of our magical wounds. Eating healthy helps it to function perfectly and also raises the energy in the body so sometimes you don’t even practice any magick to create a magical day. A good sleeping routine, sports, and meditation can change your whole life and everybody knows it. But for a witch, it also means a game-changer in witchcraft because these healthy habits directly affect our body that we use as a wand in witchcraft.

The second thing is rituals! you know you can always use my rituals page to find the best rituals for your witchcraft life. But rituals are like chording your instrument. This is a way to show your body what you need. If you can tame your body to help you in your witchcraft you immediately become a very powerful witch because your body will start to sense everything around and warn you when there is a danger. Also can help you to find your path in this life…

If you are an old witch you already know what I am talking about but if you’re just a baby witch I suggest you start taking care of your body and practice rituals that you can find in…

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