The Road for Love Spell

Hello everyone, welcome back my dear modern witches. Hope you’re all doing fine and using the love spells that I have been sharing with you in a responsible way like good witches do.

As you all know love spells can be a little bit twisting because when it comes to love feelings witches can be a little blind sometimes since our feelings are stronger than other women in the world. In a way, these strong feelings are beneficial because we can do magic but we need to be in control of these strong feelings to manifest the best out of them. Uncontrolled strong feelings can create disasters in our lives and even sometimes the lives of the ones that we love the most! So I need to ask you politely to choose the white witch way before practicing a cool love spell. No matter how easy it is to practice the love spells still have the responsibility.

The good news is today’s love spell is not a very dangerous one. You can practice at home and the aim of the love spell is to attract a love full file for yourself. Or you can practice this love spell also for a friend too. If you already have a partner practicing this love spell together will bring you too very good luck in love. But no matter for what purpose you want to use this love spell I will only show it to you like you will use it only for yourself. Once you get the main idea you can easily apply it for different types of love spell…

For this specific love spell, you need a lot of red tea lights. Some sugar, rose petals, sandalwood incense, and some fresh coconut water. Apart from these, you need a very basic white dress to wear during the love spell process…

The most important body part of your body for this spell is your feet! So we will pay attention to your feet.

First of all, you need to prepare the environment for the spell. You need to prepare a road and both sides will be covered with tea lights along the way. Three or four meters road will be enough. Cover the road that you will walk with rose petals and burn sandalwood incense at the beginning of the rad and to the finish line.

Prepare the coconut water in three or four glasses and put them along the way one by one. Now let’s pay attention to your feet because we want to make them feel loved. Scrub your feet with sugar and then wash them. Wear your white dress and now you are ready!

Turn off all the lights and light up the tea lights. Start walking barefoot on the rose petals. when you reach coconut water take it and drink it. When you finish a glass say ‘thank you for all this love in my life’. Finish the road slowly and when you reach the end start walking back. But this time blow off the tea lights one by one saying thank you for all the love that they will bring to your life.

Enjoy the love spell