Why Are You A Witch?

You already know whether you are a witch or not, don’t you? So ‘are you a witch’ kind of content is pretty meaningless for some of us. But I don’t know how many of you are aware of why you are a witch. What it is you and not the other person. What is it that makes you special among all?

Some of you may be saying that ‘Because I like it’… But what if this is not the case? What if other forces had forced you to become a witch? Or what if you have a mission in this life and your witchcraft path is just a first step…

When I say a witch, I actually talk about every kind of light worker. It doesn’t matter if you are an occultist, Wiccan, Starseed, earth angel, mermaid incarnation, practitioner, psychic, medium, healer… As long as you are on this journey I just considered all of us witches!

In this reading, I used Nicoletta Cecille Tarot cards because of their innocent appearance. But only tarot cards, for me, weren’t enough to cover it all… So I have also used Reflet de Lune Lenormand cards and made a Lenormand reading too… It was mind-blowing. These Lenormand cards are always on point and always coherent with tarot cards. Sometimes they added extra information sometimes it was a confirmation and sometimes it was just making a summary of the whole situation.

However, in this reading, I have decided to add a very interesting method to receive more messages from spirits and ancestors. Pendulum reading! I know it doesn’t sound like a very radical method but it is. Because most of the witches use the pendulum for yes-no questions. But I am a pendulum freak and constantly create new methods for using a pendulum. If you ask me a pendulum is more than a yes-no question!

I use the pendulum over a book page. And when it waves I note the words that it waves over. Simple but mind-blowing results! If you have never tried it I highly suggest you do that. If you didn’t understand you can click the video to see how I do it.

In this reading of Why are you a witch? the pendulum is the final part. And as always it didn’t disappoint me! I got very interesting messages and all messages were coherent with the main tarot reading…

When it comes to three piles… I don’t know what kind of witches will be watching this but each one of them is so unique people and have an amazing life story of being a witch… I wish I could meet them in real life… But the only thing that I can do is to help them to receive messages from their spirits and ancestors.

Here is the video. Click it if you want to learn why you are a witch…