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Witchy Hobbies

Witches are not living an ordinary life like the ordinary people who are not related to magick… Music, dancing, and reading about interesting stuff can be a hobby for many people but these actions are the fundamentals of the life of a witch. To craft magick or practice ritual,l art, and sciences are like food and water. But it doesn’t mean witches do not have hobbies…

There are many things that a witch may enjoy while spending spare time or just entertaining. In my opinion, hobbies are beneficial for a witch because through many hobbies a witch can have a lot of interesting stuff to use in magick, rituals, or investigations. So having a witchy hobby is not just entertainment but also beneficial for your crafts. It is not necessary of course.

In this article, I want to share the same hobby ideas for witches.

1 – Book Binding and Book Transforming

This hobby is my number one hobby recently. I love old-looking pages and attractive witchy look hardcovers. There are countless tutorials about how to age a page or how to bind the book in many different styles. I personally prefer old-looking mysterious witchy stuff but you can come u with more modern ideas or more ancient-looking ideas. In another article, I will be sharing my own experiences with book bending and how I use them in my daily life. This black button will take you there…

2 – Ritual Baths!

Who doesn’t like water magick! There are many videos and articles about witchy ritual baths that you can do due to the moon periods. The first thing you should know is a ritual bath is not a ritual! ıt is possible to turn it into a ritual but just taking a relaxing and spoiling bath has nothing to do with your witch way. But still, it is fun and relaxing. So this is a very cool hobby for a witch. When I was a little girl my mother was angry with me when I go shopping by myself because I used to buy five different shower gels with different scents. Mom was thinking I was overspending but actually, I always enjoyed choosing from the variety! When I was in the shower I was just choosing the correct color or the scent according to my mood and I was observing the changes in my feelings from the shower to shower.

I would like to inspire you more about this so I will be writing another article about this. Here is the black button!

3- Crystal garden growing!

This is not a joke! You can grow your own crystals. Actually, this is more like a ritual because it teaches you a lot about chemistry. But the results are so fun and great for decorating your house or witch items or even just to decorate your ritual space!

The necessary items are a little hard to find but it is worth it! You can find a lot of information about this on Youtube! Enjoy it!

4 – Witchy Cooking!

In Wicca, there is a type of witch called witch! So if you think of yourself as a kitchen witch probably you have a lot of recipes but I am not talking about magickal stuff. I am just talkşng about healthy and delicious interesting desserts, drinks, bread, and food decorating things.

You can cook or prepare them for yourself too but these are cooler when they are used to celebrating something or only to serve a friend. Interesting names of the foods create interesting experiences and a lot of fun. So if you collect some pretty named recipes and share them with people it is fun and also it is a nice way to strengthen the connections with your friends family and neighbors.

5 – Witch Fashion!

The dressing is the number-one mood setter! Not only the dresses but also your hairstyle and accessories are also important to make you feel like a witch and enjoy this!

Actually, you can start sewing your own pieces of dressings but if you don’t have time or are not interested in sewing you can search on the internet too. There is nothing better than a nice closet of witchy clothes.

Of course, we are in 2021 and it is a modern world but I enjoy the ethnic dresses and finding some cool styles that create a combination of the witch and modernity! But the more you create it yourself the more you will enjoy it. Please remember the Original Witch Thoth was also sewing dresses for people!

If you can’t sew at least you can design your own jewelry! Please remember that happiness is homemade and slow fashion is so beneficial for the world.

There are many other hobbies but this is it for today…

Stay Modern Witches!