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Witchy Ritual Baths

Water, the holy water! We all love a cool witchy bath, who doesn’t… I have come across a lot of bath rituals but many of them had nothing to do with a real ritual!

Getting clean is not a ritual, or just relaxing is not a ritual like a meditation. It is, of course, possible to turn a bath or a shower into a ritual but the main idea of a witchy bath is just about entertaining and relaxing. And we call this kind of actions hobbies!

So, I am writing this to inspire you to have to turn cleaning yourself into a witchy hobby.

Not many of us have a cool bathroom to enjoy a luxury spa bath. Sometimes we just have a tiny shower that we cannot even move inside! Real rituals may need big spaces but a hobby can be done in any place. It is up to your creativity. So, I want to share some ideas to inspire you.

The first thing is the decoration of the bathtub or the shower.. Gemstones, candles, dried flowers, and witch cool glass bottles can be great to decorate around the place where you want to wash your body. Decoration creates an atmosphere and it makes you feel better and special.

When it comes to special bottles, This is actually another witchy hobby. You can find many tutorials on youtube about decorated cool witchy bottles. You can even use them to put your cleaning stuff in it.

The second piece of advice is the symbols. Before you take a shower choose a symbol according to yo your feelings and draw a huge one on the wall of the shower or the bathroom. You can use anything that can be cleaned easily after the bath. Try to use something black.

Make sure you have at least 3 different choices to wash your body. The best 5 but still choice of three can help too. Any time you are in a shower choose one of them according to the color or smell. The choices are important because you can observe the changes in your feelings from bath to bath.

You can also create some habits like taking your bath or shower according to the moon phases. Create a routine based on the phases. The sad news is nothing is gonna change unless you take your bath in an open area and the only light you see is the moon. So having a moon phase-based bath or shower is only cool to let you know that it is time to bath. It is like using the moon phases clock to measure the frequency of the baths. Maybe you want to take a bath or shower twice a week then find the correct moon phases and stick to it degrees of the moon to tell you the time. Of course, you can make it more frequently. Just calculate the time with the moon. This will give you a different sense of time, a witchy sense of time.

You can also prepare special waters for the finishing. Take a pretty large bowl and put some water in it before bath. Add some crystals and herbs to it and make it wait until you are done in the shower. Before you leave the bathroom pour down the water on your body or on your hair. people use daisy waters for their hair. Other beneficial herb-infused waters are good for hair, eyes, hands, skin, legs, or feet. I love using coffee for tightening the skin cells on my legs.

These cool bath recipes can be found on youtube or google and you can try them according to your taste… Just prepare them in a witchy way!

The last piece of advice is music! ı love music in the shower or bath! Of course, you can listen to whatever you want but classical music rules in the bathroom. I don’t know if you enjoy classics but if you don’t most probably you don’t know the right pieces for yourself.

I strongly recommend you to create a classical playlist on Spotify and try it in your witch baths and showers. It can be opera or chamber music, it can be a requiem or just an overture but I am sure water changes immediately because of the mechanical waves in the bathroom ait along with your body.

There are many other tips and inspirations and you can find them everywhere. I just need you to remember this is not a ritual just a very cool and fun hobby for a witch.

Stay Modern Witches…