Yellow Money Spell

Color magic is here baby! Hello and welcome back my dear modern witches. Hope you are all doing fine and enjoying a life full of witchcraft. If you are here reading this article I can give two reasons for this. One is that you need cash immediately and the second is that you really enjoy the yellow color! Both reasons are perfect to be here because I want to show you a very nice money spell that you can practice through color magic!

Colors are magic! Everybody knows this! Even today’s modern science is stating that colors are carrying energy through waves! There are so many articles about the waves and frequencies of nature and if you need further information you can check them out. But still, I want to share some information about the frequencies and energies to make you understand better the magic.

Light is an electromagnetic wave and it shines on the surface of almost everything. We see that waves in colors because each color has its own unique frequency and no frequency is better than another. Each one is unique and has something to offer the universe. As a witch, we should all understand the importance of the frequencies and spend some time understanding the value of each frequency. We shortly call this color magic!

Whether you know the importance of frequencies or not colors are always attractive for witches and we can feel their energies and what they are good for as an instinct… So in today’s money spell, I want to show you how you can use the color yellow to attract more wealth into your life!

Yellow is generally thought that represents happiness. But Yellow is actually the sister of gold! So it also represents luxury life and gold. Also symbolizes the sun and the sun has so much to offer to the world from the aspect of wealth. So if you simply surround yourself with yellow color it is impossible not to attract a wealth of the sun!

But of course, only surrounding yourself with yellow would be a little weak so you need to boost the energy with a specific witchy ritual! Here is what you can do about it…

Grap three yellow candles! And start carving them with the alchemy symbol of gold. You can find that symbol anywhere online so don’t worry about it. When the candles are ready you need a sunflower to put in the middle of the candles. I know it is a little hard to find it but it is worth it.

Put the sunflower in the middle of the candles and put gold on the flower! It can be a necklace or anything but it has to be real gold. I know if you don’t have much money it is hard to find it but this money spell is specifically to attract gold into your life so you need to invest a little bit.
For five days you need to light up the candles with the first light for about five minutes. And then watch the miracles happen in your life!

Enjoy the money spell!